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4393' Vol 3

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Limited edition of 75.

4393' Vol 3  is a 6X9" 90-page Eastcoast-only snowboarding book that documents current snowboarding and snowboard culture in Vermont. All of the images in this issue and previous were shot in one season. This year I will be donating $5.00 per issue sold to the Green Mountain Club to keep our local trails and forests protected and maintained.

The name 4393' comes from the summit elevation of Mt. Mansfield Vermont's highest peak.

Book intro:

This year (20/21) was lacking in snow and action compared to the two previous. The snowpack was even worse than the year before. Liftlines seemed to be never-ending, even during the week because of people working remotely. Out-of-state plates filled the lots and quick morning laps before work were a thing of the past. Despite the minor setbacks for us privileged snowboarders, it was still a season filled with good memories and friends as always. Mt. Mansfield had a week of temperature inversion that made for less snow on the top third of the mountain. This led to the top not filling in properly. The lack of snow in March left me hungry for more time above the tree line. I finally ventured to Mt. Washington at the end of March and again in late April and had two of my best spring days on the Eastcoast. Dropping into the headwall for the first time at Tuckerman’s was the highlight of my season and I found a new appreciation for NH. I shot a lot of 35mm film and experimented with light leaks this year. I found a $5 canon sureshot in Barre at Re-source and shot most of the film photos in this book with it. This approach helped me capture the dream-like state that I experience while snowboarding and being out in the mountains.

Featured riders: John Murphy, Tomas Ruprecht, Ralph Kucharek, Shem Roose, Toby Parke, Dave Cory, Jeff Rawlins, Ryan Perryman, John Gerndt, Jake Blauvelt, Shayne Pospisil, Ian Post, Joe B, Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce, Craig Brown, Hannah Beach, Sam Watson, Steve Dave, Lily Calabrese, Devin Bernard, Max Lyons, Alan Parenteau, Jesse Mcdougal, and friends.

Locations: Stowe, Bolton, Mt. Washington, Lyndon Outing Club, Burlington, Waterbury Center State Park, and Quechee.

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