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4393' Volume 4

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4393' is a Vermont-based snowboarding book that  I create annually to catalog my favorite images. This volume is a mix of 35mm film and digital images. It follows snowboarders and snowboarding culture in Vermont and beyond.

Volume 4

100 copies made in the USA

106 pages

Riders and Locations.

Vermont - Ralph Kucharek, Brett Matckie, Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce, Toby Parke, Ryan Perryman, Tomas Rupretch, Max Lyons, Sam Watson, Lucas Huffman, Jake Blauvelt, John Gerndt, Danger Dave, John Murphy, and Friends.

Washington - Hana Beaman, Jake Blauvelt, Hans Mindnich, Craig Brown, Tomas Rupretch, Ralph Kucharek, Hunter Knoll, Zoe Vernon, Colin Wiseman, and Zach Beh.

Sidehit Seance Sugarbush - Ståle Sandbech, Ozzy Henning, Madison Blackley, Len Gørgensen, Ivika Jürgenson, Casey Savage, Jeff Hopkins, Kayli Hendricks, Nate Haust, Drake Warner, Lucas Magoon, Elias Lamm, Devin Bernard, and Ashley Rosemeyer.

California - Hannah Beach.

Mt. Washington - John Gerndt & Toby Parke.  

Supported by -  Autumn Headwear, Rome SDS, and Neon Wave.

4393’ is the summit elevation of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. It is the mountain that I learned to snowboard on and have called home for the past 25 years.

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