Hello! My name is Nathanael and I am a professional freelance photographer based in Vermont. I have been working as a photographer for the past 9 years. My primary focus is outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and product photography. I live and breathe recreating outside. I enjoy exploring Vermont throughout the seasons and partake in many outdoor pursuits including canoeing, hiking, camping, biking, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, split boarding, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. I am passionate about protecting the environment and showcasing its natural beauty through my photography. I strive to create compelling visual narratives that inspire both my audience and my clients to go out and create experiences of their own.

My first professional work started with Vermont Tourism providing landscape and outdoor lifestyle images to market the beautiful state of Vermont. Since then I’ve worked with K2 Snowboarding, Tubbs Snowshoes, Amtrak, Rome Snowboards, Anon Optics, Darn Tough Socks, Vermont Tourism, Sanborn Canoe Co, Autumn Headwear, and many others. In addition to commercial work, I have been published by National Geographic, Snowboarder Magazine, The Snowboard Journal, Yankee Magazine, Vermontlife Magazine, Format Magazine, Northern Woodlands, Seven Days, and many more.

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