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  1. Penfield social content - Verbank Jacket

    05 Dec 2019

  2. Featured Photo on Cabin Porn blog

    13 Apr 2019

    My Photo on the Cabin Porn blog

  3. Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park

    27 Jul 2018

  4. Montmorency Falls, Quebec

    02 May 2018

  5. Tomas

    27 Jan 2018

  6. A Scout log for Sanborn Canoe Co

    15 Sep 2017

    Click here to see the scout log I did for Sanborn canoe co.

  7. A Short Trip Northeast

    22 May 2017

    We hiked to this pond with a short paddle so we could pirate a boat that sits on the shore. A northern Harrier hawk perched on a branch along the banks of the pond. After hiking to the first pond we headed over to lake Willoughby and the clouds started…

  8. Coffee

    28 Apr 2017

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