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  1. Late Fall Colors: Tamarack

    02 Nov 2018

    Hannah in the Bog A group of Tamaracks on County rd. Towards the end of Fall after all the vibrant hardwood foliage is gone, it can be hard to find inspiration in the Vermont landscape. I have found my inspiration this year in orange needles of the Tamarack tree. I…

  2. A Snowy Canoe

    29 Oct 2018

    Last week we had our first snow in Vermont. I have always wanted to go for a canoe ride with snow on the trees. I made sure not to put the canoe in storage too early this year. It was an amazing experience and I highly suggest it!

  3. Autumn days in Vermont

    07 Oct 2018

  4. Summers in Vermont

    06 Aug 2018

  5. Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park

    27 Jul 2018

  6. Signs of Spring

    02 May 2017

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