Yosemite, July 2017 - Part 2

Camping on top of the valley .

Half Dome from the north looking south.

Tenaya lake and surrounding mtns.

This bear was the only bear that payed any attention to me.

Hannah sitting after we ate lunch at this spot on our hike down the Tuolumne  river.

The Tuolumne river was raging due to high snow pack this year.

Tuolumne falls

A calm section in the meadows

A deer, mountains, and the moon.

Late day light

The start of golden hour on the Tuolumne  meadows.

Half Dome from the valley floor

A bear munches on grasses in a field of wild flowers in the southern region of the park.

Hannah sitting on a rock along the panorama trail.

An almost full moon.

Half dome and last light.

An old barn in the Stanislaus national forrest.

The gateway to Hetch Hetchy.

The Hetch Hetchy damn.

The tunnel at Hetch Hetchy

The Hetch Hetchy reservoir supplies the greater San Francisco area with water.

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