Glacier National Park. May 2015. Stop 5 - 4 days

We stayed in Glacier for 4 days. The sun only came out for a day and the evening of our last day. After the first day and a half we almost left because all our stuff was soaking wet. We couldn’t make a fire and we were sitting in our car in torrential down pours. We decide to stay for the planned time with hopes of better weather and it payed off. It would have sucked to have driven all the way there from Vermont and not see any of the mountains. We took advantage of the sunlight and crammed in a two hikes one of them 13 miles. We adapted to being loud instead of quite yelling “HEEEYY BEAR” every once and a while. It was a truly refreshing experience, it made me feel wild and free. Glacier was one of my favorite places on this trip. I wish we could have stayed longer. I loved the wild west feel combined with the alpine meadows and colored mountains. There was a slight resemblance of Vermont in there too. Highly suggest making the trip there if you have never been.   

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