Badlands National Park. Roadtrip May, 2015. Pt. 1. - 2 days.

A big horn sheep greeted us as we arrived on the first day.

We set up camp and decided to go for a walk. The sounds of birds were over-whelming and the breeze was warm and inviting.

I took this awkward selfie about a mile into the walk.

Hannah looking for birds that burrow in the walls of the canyons.

It’s crazy to think that this place is ever crumbling. Eventually it will be all prairie.

The sun was getting low so we decided to head back.

This one was out of focus, but I still liked the feeling it gave.

We stopped and watched a small group of deer graze in the distance.

Our tent just after the sun went down.

Throughout our trip we saw these two planets form a triangle with the moon.

The moon rising behind our campsite.

We woke up and took a short hike to watch the sunrise.

Had to have my coffee when we got back to camp.

We packed up camp and drove to this spot to start our day hike.

Another shot from the beginning of our hike.

I thought these textures looked cool with the bit of green to contrast.

We hiked over 9 miles that day.

The hiking was flat and the grasslands seemed to stretch on forever.

This formation stood out to me. I believe it was an older formation that had eroded over a long time.

Coyote tracks.

See Pt. 2

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