Yosemite, July 2017 - Part 2

Yosemite, July 2017 - Part 1

A Short Trip Northeast

Here’s a few photos I took yesterday on the first camping mission of the year. We headed up north and drove across the top of Vermont, then drove down the middle. The weather wasn’t the best and we navigated some seriously rough waters on the second morning with all our camping gear in the canoe. But overall, it was a good time as always.

Glacier National Park. May 2015. Stop 5 - 4 days

We stayed in Glacier for 4 days. The sun only came out for a day and the evening of our last day. After the first day and a half we almost left because all our stuff was soaking wet. We couldn’t make a fire and we were sitting in our car in torrential down pours. We decide to stay for the planned time with hopes of better weather and it payed off. It would have sucked to have driven all the way there from Vermont and not see any of the mountains. We took advantage of the sunlight and crammed in a two hikes one of them 13 miles. We adapted to being loud instead of quite yelling “HEEEYY BEAR” every once and a while. It was a truly refreshing experience, it made me feel wild and free. Glacier was one of my favorite places on this trip. I wish we could have stayed longer. I loved the wild west feel combined with the alpine meadows and colored mountains. There was a slight resemblance of Vermont in there too. Highly suggest making the trip there if you have never been.   

Yellowstone National Park. Stop 4. May, 2015. - 4 days

This was our second trip to Yellowstone. We stayed for for 4 days. We saw so much wildlife it was overwhelming. I wish we could have stayed longer. I learned about a ridge in the Lamar Valley that the animals use to travel on. If I had more time I would have planned on finding a covered spot to watch for wolves, grizzlys, and mountain lions. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places I have ever been. So much biodiversity and so much crazy stuff to see and learn about. I ended up buying a topographic map for future planning. I will be back, hopefully soon. 

Grand Teton National Park. Stop 3. Roadtrip May, 2015. - 2 days

It rained the whole time we were at the Tetons. Everything was soaked and we only caught brief glimpses of the mountains on the last evening. We were there the year before and the weather was nice so it wasn’t as disappointing as it could have been. Again, looking back on these images I wish I would have taken more. We went into Jackson to get groceries and went to this little cafe. I remember getting a bison meat pho soup bowl. I wish I had taken more photos of that sort of thing and the camping/travel experience. I was thinking landscapes… It’s good to know that you evolve and learn from your experiences. Hopefully getting better as you progress. The next stop was Yellowstone for four days and the weather was looking much dryer.  

Rocky Mountain National Park. Stop 2. Roadtrip May, 2015. - 2 days.

Colorado was a challenge for us. The snow level was still too high to go where we wanted too. The camping conditions where rough with a night time temp of 28 degrees Fahrenheit with light snow. We stayed at Rocky Mountain National Park for two nights. I got to see some cool places, but I want to go back and spend more time there. Looking back on these images, I would have shot more photos of our experience camping rather than just landscapes/wildlife. As the trip progressed I kept this in mind. Of all the places we went, I got the least amount of photos I liked in Colorado. Due to weather and lack of motivation. A very beautiful place none the less. Next stop Grand Teton National Park. Trois breasts. 

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